I'm a wife, an artist, and a lover of dogs, rock music, and abstract art. I'm a Virginia girl with equal love for California sun and New York grunge. 
I see the most beauty in imperfect things. Ripped jeans. Asymmetrical art. Vintage everything. And a photo with a little girt and grain. I love things that are rugged and little bit off the beaten path. 









Are you are struggling with winter blues? We all do in some shape or form. Its a hard time for many. We are around family and friends and our focus is on the holiday then all of a sudden it STOPS. It stops and its cold outside. If you are like me, you look forward to the sun […]

Do you need a personal trainer, or just a gym to get your butt in gear? I HAVE YOU COVERED! Meet Julie, newest owner of CrossFit in Richmond, VA . She followed her dreams and opened her own gym! Julie, not only are you AWESOMELY IN SHAPE with a KILLER BODY but you are SO […]