I'm a wife, an artist, and a lover of dogs, rock music, and abstract art. I'm a Virginia girl with equal love for California sun and New York grunge. 
I see the most beauty in imperfect things. Ripped jeans. Asymmetrical art. Vintage everything. And a photo with a little girt and grain. I love things that are rugged and little bit off the beaten path. 









Katie & Justin’s wedding at the Bedford Columns was such a stunning day at such a historical place! The Bedford Columns has such a long list of history that it blew my mind! This gorgeous building was built in 1848, and started as a college prepatory school for boys with Walter Reed of Walter Reed Army Medical Center […]

Lindsey & Carl’s wedding at The Lorien Hotel in Alexandria, Virginia was absolutely beautiful. I’ll be honest, I was a “blue girl” growing up (not a fan of the color pink) but something in the wedding industry has changed my heart and yes, I adore pink. Something about it is classy and timeless! I was […]

Today I would like to take the time to introduce a very special person, my husband and second shooter for weddings, Dre Pliodzinskas. I’m sure you are wondering, “How did he get the name Dre?” The quick version is this – His name is Andrius, which is Lithuanian. He worked at a restaurant that asked […]

It’s the wedding day and you are pumped!!! You arrive at the venue, grab your bride’s gorgeous invitation suite, and you are ready to take photos of these pretties. The bride walks away and you look down and just stare. In the heat of the moment your mind goes blank, “Uhhh, what do I do with […]

Brides, in the midst of all of the planning & stress, remember these two things : Opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one. All that truly matters is the commitment you are making to your husband and God on your wedding day. Okay there it is, easy right? Not so much. A lot of things happen when planning […]