Bethesda Maryland Wedding | Kristina & Shawn

November 4, 2015


Bethesda Maryland Fall Wedding

I can’t tell you how excited I was to go to Kristina & Shawn’s wedding in Bethesda, Maryland. There was something different about this couple and I couldn’t pin point it. I felt as if these two were old high school friends and that we were actually going to just hang out with them instead of shoot their wedding. All day these two told us to join in the festivities. Even in the limo we drank with them (non alcoholic champagne, don’t worry GUYS!!!) and chatted forever. We talked about the two of them and how they balance each other out. We talked about honeymoon options and where we went. I have to amazing memories from that beautiful fall day – leaving the reception to find the most perfect fall tree. We walked long and far to find this tree.  We finally got to the other side of the road to the golden looking tree. We found THE ONE and it was like we found the golden ticket!! It topped off the day perfectly. THEN, the firemen dressed in kilts CRASHED THE PARTY. . . yes I’m serious! It couldn’t have been a better wedding. Congrats to Kristina & Shawn!!

PS- I had to share Kristina’s side of the story when they met. It’s TOO CUTE not to share!?

From Kristina : I began my clinical rotation in emergency medicine in January 2014 at Reading Hospital. I was assigned ONE day to be in the surgical intensive care unit. That day, January 22, 2014, is the day I met Shawn.I entered morning report at 7 am where I saw Shawn. There was only one other person in the room with us, neither of us said hello to each other as we awkwardly sat in silence. Shawn sat two seats away from me and throughout morning report, I took quick glances at him while he was eating a breakfast egg-bacon-bagel sandwich! (and I thought YUM, that sandwich looks delicious!). Based on Shawn’s looks, I ASSUMED he was one of those athlete high school jocks who was too into himself… and thought that is not my type of guy!As morning report ended, we went our separate ways. I figured if we were somehow meant to be, God would have given me a sign. Later that morning, I approach the ICU and I see Shawn. My heart dropped when Shawn finally said hello, introduced himself and I was a giddy school girl as I worked alongside Shawn all day. It may sound like a Grey’s Anatomy fairytale… but this fairytale has got me glowing and madly in love with an amazing man God has blessed me with! 
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Bethesda Maryland Fall Wedding
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Bethesda Maryland Wedding_0189.jpgBethesda Maryland Wedding_0200
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Bethesda Maryland Wedding_0192.jpgBethesda Maryland WeddingBethesda Maryland Wedding_0197Bethesda Maryland Wedding_0193Fall Wedding Bethesda Maryland


Dress |  Forever Formals

Ceremony | St. Patricks Catholic Church

Reception |  Bethesda Marriott

Wedding Planner | Celebrations Made Simple

Cake | Custom Cake Designs

Venue Coordinator (Day of) |  Cat Cely

DJ |  NYX Entertainment & Events

Video | James Bonato

Bridesmaid Dresses |  Bill Levkoff

Groom and Groomsmen |  Joseph A. Bank

Limo | Limousines Inc.


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Bethesda Maryland Wedding | Kristina & Shawn

Bethesda Maryland Wedding | Kristina & Shawn

Bethesda Maryland Wedding | Kristina & Shawn

Bethesda Maryland Wedding | Kristina & Shawn

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