Chrysler Museum of Art Engagement | Barb & Dan

January 3, 2019


Chrysler Museum of Art

Norfolk’s Chrysler Museum of Art provided a captivating background for Barb and Dan’s engagement photos. And the perfect venue to capture the couple’s love of knowledge and adventure.

When Barb comes home from a draining 28 hour shift at the hospital, Dan lifts her spirits. Her heart grows lighter. Her soul finds its peace. Dan is “supportive in a way that I did not know existed.” Whether flowers “just because” or a sandwich when she gets home from work, Dan does the “smaller things” that show he is her partner for life.

Dancing in the Living Room

The couple’s engagement photos at the Chrysler Museum of Art reflect their casual, fun loving spirit. They love to dance in their living room with their dog Winston. They’ve traveled coast to coast hiking mountaintops together. Ready for adventure, and always laughing, together they’ve “discovered new places and new passions.” They also share strong family values, a military background, and so many other things in common.

MATCH Made in Internet-Algorithm-Land

Initially embarrassed to admit they met online, Barb now jokes that the physician and the engineer were a perfect “MATCH made in internet-algorithm land.” Worried about her busy schedule as a doctor, and how she would ever find time to have a social life, Barb created her Match.com profile. Then went on one date with a handsome naval officer. The rest of the story is still being written.

The Perfect Spot at the Perfect Time

Over Thanksgiving 2017, Barb and Dan took a trip to Asheville, North Carolina for some hiking. They spent a beautiful day at The Biltmore Estate. While walking the grounds, they found themselves in an open field. With distant hills and surrounded by tall luscious trees, Dan chose the right time and the right place to propose. The perfect spot at the perfect time.

Chrysler museum of art engagement_0000.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0001.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0003.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0002.jpg
Chrysler Museum of Art/ Barb and Dan
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0005.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0007.jpg

Chrysler museum of art engagement_0006.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0009.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0010.jpg
Chrysler Museum of Art
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0014.jpg
Chrysler Museum of Art/ Barb and Dan
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0012.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0015.jpgChrysler museum of art engagement_0008.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0016.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0017.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0018.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0019.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0020.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0021.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0022.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0023.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0024.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0025.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0026.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0027.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0028.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0029.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0030.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0031.jpg
Chrysler museum of art engagement_0032.jpg

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Chrysler Museum of Art Engagement | Barb & Dan

Chrysler Museum of Art Engagement | Barb & Dan

Chrysler Museum of Art Engagement | Barb & Dan

Chrysler Museum of Art Engagement | Barb & Dan

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