Lake Anna, Virginia, Fall Wedding

September 30, 2015


There is something so beautiful about a fall wedding, especially when its at Lake Anna, Virginia! Mary & Chris are this couple that are so down to earth, fun loving, and just want to have a good time. When they are together the world around them disappears and they become so into each  other –  their love radiates. During their wedding, and even their engagement shoot, their were moments were I just put down my camera watched them – – seriously it was like a movie. The amount these two have been through with their jobs and Mary being overseas in the military has taken their love to a whole new level. When I first met them  we were in conversation I casually asked them, “What do you guys like to do together?” Mary replied, “We just like to be together”.  That one sentence summed up their relationship. They were a part so long that “just being” was absolutely more perfect then any date could ever be. The sweetest moment from this day was when Chris placed his hands on Mary’s cheeks and sang the song to her as they swayed back and forth to their first dance. Filled with so much emotion and love, tears streamed down from Mary’s face ( I was secretly crying too). I was honored to be apart of this wedding and am so excited for what is come  Mary & Chris’ future!

Virginia Fall_0266.jpg
Lake Anna, Virginia Fall Wedding
Virginia Fall_0268.jpg
Virginia Fall_0269.jpg
Virginia Fall_0270.jpgVirginia Fall_0277.jpg
Virginia Fall_0278.jpgVirginia Fall_0279.jpgVirginia Fall_0273.jpg
Lake Anna, Virginia Fall Wedding
Virginia Fall_0272.jpgVirginia Fall_0286.jpg
Lake Anna, Virginia Fall Wedding
Virginia Fall_0275.jpg
Virginia Fall_0280.jpg
Virginia Fall_0281.jpgVirginia Fall_0283.jpg
Lake Anna, Virginia Fall Wedding
Virginia Fall_0288.jpg
Virginia Fall_0289.jpgVirginia Fall_0291.jpg
Virginia Fall_0290.jpg
Virginia Fall_0292.jpgVirginia Fall_0294.jpg
Virginia Fall_0295.jpg
Lake Anna, Virginia Fall Wedding
Virginia Fall_0298.jpgLake Anna, Virginia Fall WeddingVirginia Fall_0343
Lake Anna, Virginia Fall WeddingVirginia Fall_0305.jpg
Lake Anna, Virginia Fall WeddingVirginia Fall_0307.jpg
Lake Anna, Virginia Fall WeddingVirginia Fall_0303.jpg
Virginia Fall_0313.jpg
Lake Anna, Virginia Fall Wedding
Lake Anna, Virginia Fall Wedding
Virginia Fall_0315.jpg
Lake Anna, Virginia Fall Wedding
Virginia Fall_0317.jpg
Virginia Fall_0318.jpg
Virginia Fall_0319.jpg
Virginia Fall_0321.jpg
Virginia Fall_0322.jpg
Virginia Fall_0323.jpg
Virginia Fall_0324.jpg
Virginia Fall_0325.jpg
Virginia Fall_0326.jpg
Virginia Fall_0327.jpg
Virginia Fall_0328.jpgVirginia Fall_0329.jpgVirginia Fall_0342
Virginia Fall_0330.jpg
Virginia Fall_0331.jpg
Virginia Fall_0332.jpg
Virginia Fall_0333.jpg
Virginia Fall_0334.jpg
Virginia Fall_0335.jpg
Virginia Fall_0339.jpg
Virginia Fall_0340.jpg
Virginia Fall_0341.jpg
Virginia Fall_0338.jpgVirginia Fall_0336.jpg

Dress Shop| Bella Rose Bridal

Dress |  Watters

Florist | Friend | Stranges

Ceremony | Lake Anna

Reception | Lake Anna

Cake | Gourmand Bakery

Catering | Eat

Bridesmaids Dresses | Whitehouse Black Market

DJ | Dj Sarg

Groom | Men’s Warehouse

Groomsmen | Mens’s Warehouse

Rentals | Louisa Tent Rental

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Lake Anna, Virginia, Fall Wedding

Lake Anna, Virginia, Fall Wedding

Lake Anna, Virginia, Fall Wedding

Lake Anna, Virginia, Fall Wedding

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