Mary + Chris | A Richmond Engagement

June 24, 2015


I think I fell in love more with Mary & Chris at their Richmond engagement session then they did with each other!!! Words can not describe this session. When I posted a preview of their engagement session I had mentioned that “Watching them was like watching a romantic movie.” – – I meant that. The way these two looked at each other, giggled, HELD each other. . .I seriously fell in love with them. When I heard their story I understood why I liked them so much. They have FOUGHT for this relationship for a while with Mary being deployed for her job and Chris living in Canada for his job. This relationship hasn’t been easy for them. Even though they still work long hours they are together and aren’t letting go.


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“Chris and I have been through a lot together – my deployment just four months after we met, buying a house and renovating it, him living in Canada for almost two years for work (only getting to come home every couple of weeks), and both of us having stressful jobs that often require long hours. We are always there for each other though and at the end of any day, no matter how crazy or busy, we know that we are there to take care of each other. We are each others biggest cheerleaders – I swear no one is more proud of me for what I do at work than Chris (though he may be tied with my parents haha) and I am just as proud of him! On top of that we just have a lot of fun together – we go out on the boat in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, we both love to travel, and no one can make me laugh like Chris does! 🙂 We love our family and friends so much and spend a lot of time with them as a couple, which is something that’s really important to both of us, and we are excited to have a family of our own someday. We are also very supportive of each others independence and really like that each of us can stand on our own two feet, but value our strength together and view each other as equals/partners. I could go on forever haha, but we just fit together so well and after over five years together we love each other more every day – which sounds so cliche, but it couldn’t be more true and it always amazes me how that happens.” -Mary


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Monument Avenue Engagement Session

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Monument Avenue Engagement Session

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Interesting Fact: That tattoo of lips on Chris’ sleeve are Mary’s lips. Sooo cool!!
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