I'm a wife, an artist, and a lover of dogs, rock music, and abstract art. I'm a Virginia girl with equal love for California sun and New York grunge. 
I see the most beauty in imperfect things. Ripped jeans. Asymmetrical art. Vintage everything. And a photo with a little girt and grain. I love things that are rugged and little bit off the beaten path. 









Thrifty Thursday : A Globe & Ceramic Pots


Thrifty Thursday : A Globe & Plant Pots

For today’s Thrifty Thursday, I found this awesome vintage club, and these beautiful ceramic pots for plants! I went to five different stores and didn’t have a whole ton of luck this week. I guess you win some and you lose some, right? Normally I can zoom in, find some treasures, and be out! This week was a little tougher. I only found three things out of five stores! Thats okay, I still consider these come great finds!!!

Thrifty Thursday : A Globe & Plant Pots

I found this awesome globe!!! Im pretty sure it’s vintage and normally goes for a lot more. I got it for $10. Although I was tempted to talk them down, I let it go. It is seriously super awesome and going to be such a nice edition to my bookshelves!!

Thrifty Thursday : A Globe & Plant Pots

Best part of it all- I’m getting educated!! How cool is it that it tells all of the planet’s distances from the earth?

Thrifty Thursday : A Globe & Plant Pots

Have I ever told you that Spring is my FAVORITE season? Bring on the flowers!!! I’ve developed  this green thumb over the past couple years so I was on the hunt for planting pots! I found this little beauty.

Thrifty Thursday : A Globe & Plant Pots

Don’t you just love the unique look on the inside of this little pot?? The artist who made this really took their time on it!

Thrifty Thursday : A Globe & Plant Pots

Lastly I found this little gem!  That green and sky blue are just perfect together! Why would anyone give this away? I just imagined it with a TON of succulents in it so I had to get it. It’s going to be a fabulous edition to the rest of the plants!!!

| GOODWILL | GLOBE $10 | MAROON POT $2.25 | BLUE & GREEN POT $2.25 |

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