An Intimate Holiday

January 4, 2016


Every year Dre & I go up up to Cleveland or down to Blacksburg to see our families for the holidays – – this year was different. I spent a lot of time with my best friend & had an intimate Christmas. Since we started dating we have tried to split the holidays between his family and mine and we kind of did that this year – Thanksgiving with his, the day after Christmas at mine. I’m sure you understand, the Holiday Limbo? Although Christmas Day was different, it was just him & I and boy was it special. We spent the days leading up to Christmas together. We baked fudge, we went on the Tacky Light Tour with his work,  and we volunteered at church. Dre took me to the Jefferson for a Christmas Eve breakfast (a new tradition might be starting!). We went back and forth asking each other if we were making the right decision about staying home for Christmas and we kept coming back to YES. Traveling for the holidays is BEYOND tough and kind of exhausting. I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW RELAXING AND PEACEFUL IT IS TO JUST STAY HOME. Christmas day started with sleeping late (woohoo!) and we made some tea and homemade cherry turnovers. We didn’t have anyone to please or anywhere to be so we just took our time. We exchanged presents and even gave Hokie some! We relaxed and watched a little bit of The Christmas Story. We realized, “Well it feels like summer, we might as well take a walk.” We took the longest walk of our lives to Starbucks (ignoring every flower that was budding, yikes). We talked about life, Christmas, family and more.  We came home and prepared for Christmas dinner and set the table as if we were going to have a huge family gathering. It may not have been a huge family but it was OUR FAMILY – – Dre, myself, Hokie and the Lord. We lit the candles, put on some Christmas music and enjoyed our intimate Christmas. We were present, we enjoyed each other more then ever. Were there aspects of loneliness and thoughts about the rest of our family? OF COURSE! We totally missed everyone, but being together was beyond special. We weren’t distracted by the traveling, our outfits or family stress. We took our time and for once in my life I was probably more present in the moment than ever. I looked up at my husband during dinner and just thought “Wow, this is special. Thank you God.”

Virginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1184.jpgVirginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1208.jpg
Virginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1185.jpgHe knew I was wrapping his present.

Virginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1186.jpgVirginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1188.jpgChristmas Eve Flood of 2015

Virginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1189.jpgVirginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1191.jpgVirginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1212.jpgVirginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1211.jpgIntimate Virginia Christmas
Virginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1192.jpgVirginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1195.jpgVirginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1205.jpgOh yes, models wanted right here. No makeup on, in all my glory receiving some awesome boots!

Virginia Family Christmas-26The face of someone who got the gift he wanted!

Virginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1196.jpgVirginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1206.jpgVirginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1203.jpgI let the hubby deal with the guts. 😐

Virginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1197.jpg
Virginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1198.jpgVirginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1200.jpg

That moment when you realize everything you want and need is right in front of you.

Virginia Family Christmas-50Cheers to not getting dressed up, being present and having an intimate Christmas.

Virginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1201.jpgIntimate Christmas VIrginia

Hokie’s new best friend he received on Christmas.

Virginia River Boat Engagement Session Photo_1199.jpg

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