Clifton Inn, Charlottesville Virginia Winter Wedding

January 5, 2016


Bradford and Anna’s wedding at the Clifton Inn, in Charlottesville Virgina was full of cold hands and warm hearts! It was a pretty chilly day but the mood in the air was nothing but excitement and love. Anna & Bradford small wedding was full of their closest family and friends who came from all over just to see these two say “I do”. When I first met Anna & Bradford at their house for their engagement session I knew these two weren’t just “clients”. They were going to be forever friends. An hour went by and we were cozied up on their couch talking about life. These two have a lot of love not only for each other but the world. They made me feel as if I was family and that is truly special. The sweetest memory from the end of the night was when I told them I wanted to take a “night shot” of them which meant we had to go face the cold mountain air of Charlottesville. Being outdoorsy – these two didn’t hesitate to follow me out there. Trying to keep warm with arms around each other and a few shivers here and there – these two nailed it.  High fives went flying and we finished off with  group hug. – Thats when you know you have more then clients in front of you- you have a blossoming friendship. They ended the night  with rose petals and kisses. Congrats Anna & Bradford!

“Bradford and I originally met during a bible study being lead by a good friend, and elder of our church. I quickly noticed Bradford’s sincere and yet profound way of contributing to discussion… while simultaneously sitting before us in skintight biking spandex and covered in mud, leading me to believe, perhaps he too shared a love for the outdoors? We didn’t become friends however, until months later in another bible study that was being lead by one of our dear friends, Adrienne. It was here that our friendship began to take form. Bradford’s proposal began with him making a beautiful summer breakfast in his backyard, followed by a morning of mountain biking along the banks of the James River. Mountain biking has become one of our favorite pastimes, so it didn’t take much convincing to tag along. As we sprinted through the city streets and made our way to the trail head, we pushed through the technical climbs of Northbank and Buttermilk, and made our way to Belle Isle — a breathtakingly beautiful system that weaves in and out of the canopies along the James River. Admittedly, I was becoming fussy from overheating in the summer’s sun, when Bradford just so happened to pull us over at my very favorite overlook. With a tiny smile, I said “Did you know this is my favorite spot?” But of course he did. As I dismounted and began to pace in efforts to cool down, Bradford suddenly bent down on his knee, and inquired, at last, “Anna Varnon Oberlander, will you marry me?” Truly believing this was in jest, I rebutted “you’re joking!! Right?” Of course, upon his second inquiry I realized that this indeed, was no joke, not a dream, but real life, and I exultantly agreed. We then spent the following hour wandering the trails together hand in hand in the purest joy, capped by a surprise sunset dinner along the river with dearest friends and family.”

Clifton Inn, Charlottesville Virginia Winter Wedding

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VENUE & CEREMONY  The Clifton Inn




FLORIST Hedge Fine Blooms

INVITATIONS Splash of Silver


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Clifton Inn, Charlottesville Virginia Winter Wedding

Clifton Inn, Charlottesville Virginia Winter Wedding

Clifton Inn, Charlottesville Virginia Winter Wedding

Clifton Inn, Charlottesville Virginia Winter Wedding

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