Findlay, Ohio Wedding | Rachel & Paul

January 13, 2016


Rachel & Paul’s Findlay, Ohio Wedding is one that is very dear to my heart. It was not only a celebration of two becoming one but of life and new friendships. Rachel’s best friend, Kayla, reached out to me and shared a little bit of Rachel’s story and I knew that I had to be a part of this beautiful day. We had originally scheduled the wedding for July but sadly Rachel’s father has terminal cancer and the wedding was moved up to January. Rachel’s dad is the pastor of the their church and a man who is on fire for the Lord!! If anything he wants his congregation to continue to rejoice in the Lord with him and not feel bad for his situation. Rachel has a chronic illness that affects her physical condition but she too doesn’t let that bring her down.  This woman is filled with such a strength that inspires many! In the short period I got to know Paul I just knew he was a good fit for Rachel! He adored her &  would do anything for her. The engagement says it all – – Paul created a beautiful path of pictures and letters about their future leading back to a magnolia tree in her backyard (the tree is symbolic to their relationship and a standing monument of the phone calls when they were first dating). When Rachel followed the path of memories and notes to the tree she found Paul waiting with a ring and of course she said “YES!!!”.  My fondest memory of the day was when they had their “Father Daughter Dance”. Rachel’s father is a fighter and wasn’t going to miss this day. Their dance summed up every beautiful emotion possible; Faith, life, love, hope, dreams, and strength. It was one that will go down in history for me. I am beyond honored that I was chosen for this wedding. It wasn’t just a wedding for me but a true testament of the body of Christ. So many people came together for this couple to make this beautiful wedding happen. Though none of us knew each other , we did through the Lord – -We became family. I have not only gained new family and friends in Ohio but an experience that will last a lifetime – Thank you Rachel and Paul.


Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0086.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0087.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0085.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0090.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0091.jpgFinley, Ohio Wedding | Rachel & Paul
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0092.jpg

Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0095.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0098.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0101.jpg

Findlay, Ohio Wedding Photo
Finley Ohio Wedding PhotoFinley Ohio Wedding Photo
Finley Ohio Wedding Photo
Finley, Ohio Wedding Photo Nicki Metcalf Virginia Wedding Photographer
Findlay, Ohio Wedding Photo
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0111.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0156Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0154Findlay, Ohio Wedding Photo
Finley, Ohio Wedding Photo Nicki Metcalf Virginia Wedding Photographer
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0115.jpg
Findlay, Ohio Wedding Photo Nicki Metcalf Virginia Wedding PhotographerClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0116.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0121.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0119.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0120.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0122.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0088.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0131.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0123.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0152
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0124.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0125.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0126.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0128.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0129.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0130.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0148.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0136.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0137.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0138.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0139.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0140.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0146.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0153
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0142.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0143.jpg
Clifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0144.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0147.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0149.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0141.jpgClifton Inn Virginia Wedding Photo_0145.jpg

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Findlay, Ohio Wedding | Rachel & Paul

Findlay, Ohio Wedding | Rachel & Paul

Findlay, Ohio Wedding | Rachel & Paul

Findlay, Ohio Wedding | Rachel & Paul

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