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A Dreamy Caribbean Wedding With Palm Trees Galore


This Caribbean wedding was incredibly dreamy. Palm trees, simple touches and an island vibe made it one of a kind.

At home, away from home

Mary and Taylor are similar in a lot of ways. The two consider themselves rational, logical, responsible and hard working. At the same time, they are fun, loyal and family oriented. “Our relationship is solid and we are very respectful of each other and we love to travel and have fun together,” Mary shared with me. The way they look at each other just kills me.

Round Hill Resort Jamaica

Round Hill Resort, where their wedding took place, is the oldest in the Caribbean. It has plenty of history behind it. The site itself was green, green, green — exactly what you’d want for a tropical destination wedding. Surrounded by the bounty of nature and the sea, Round Hill Resort also has a touch of old-world charm. It makes for a great effect.

Caribbean wedding photo of the couple by the ocean

Caribbean wedding first look in black and white

Caribbean Wedding Bridal Portraits

A ceremony by the sea

Originally, the ceremony was supposed to be outside. And the weather was promising with a forecast of a 0% chance of rain. But then, the rain began and seemed like it was never going to stop. “We were briefly disappointed and had to move it inside to a pavilion area, but were actually really happy with the change. It was a beautiful area, and all the rain stopped right after so we were able to take all of our photos in the original ceremony spot. Everything worked out for the best!” All’s well that ends well, as they say.

Caribbean wedding highlights

I couldn’t get over the tropical oasis feel of this Caribbean wedding. Hello paradise!

Wedding Nicki Metcalf Photography_0051.jpg

Couple walks by the shore at their Caribbean wedding

First dance at their Caribbean wedding

5-year box with handwritten letters

This is a must for small wedding parties! The couple had all of their guests put a letter inside a box that they plan to open in 5 years. Mary and Taylor also included letters from each other.

Celebrating Their Story with Speeches From the Family

“Dinner and hearing speeches from our family was so touching and memorable, as well as the fun we had afterwards dancing to the piano player! We had such a great time with just our closest family members, and wouldn’t have had it any other way! I loved just sitting at dinner and watching everyone have such a good time, basking in the joy and beauty of everything.”

Another special time was when the bride’s sister and groom’s brother (their only siblings) did a reading of their choice during the ceremony. This was a complete surprise to Mary and Taylor. Tucker’s speech, Taylor’s brother, was from “The Sandlot” which is one of Taylor’s favorite movies of all time. What a cool moment.

“Taylor’s dad shared a hilarious story from Taylor’s high school days, which he had kept a secret all these years to reveal at a special moment (his wedding), and had everyone at the table laughing hysterically. Taylor was shocked.”

I adore how much thought their family put into everything. This day could’ve been a movie!

Caribbean Wedding

Caribbean wedding couple photos

Caribbean wedding couple kisses between palm trees

Capture every moment

Having a wedding out by the sea? Or maybe a little closer to home? Wherever your wedding is, I’d be happy to be your wedding photographer (I also do engagement photos!) Take a look at my Instagram if you need some more convincing, or, just head on over to my contact page to get the conversation started.


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Caribbean wedding photos


Venue: Round Hill Hotel and Villas, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Dress: BHLDN

Groom’s Attire : Bonobos

Shoes: Loeffler Randall

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