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The Commonwealth Club, Richmond Wedding Venue


The Commonwealth Club served as the perfect Richmond wedding venue for Erin and Ashby’s beautiful day. The elegance of this couple and the deep respect and love they have for one another is so evident in their lovely wedding photos.

A classic, lovely couple

Like so many couples, the two met through a chance turn of fate. Ashby happened to be consulting on a laboratory Erin was working on the design for, and, after the project was over, they decided to go out to get to know each other outside of work. Erin is creative, caring and passionate about things that matter to her, but also empathetic whereas Ashby is funny, intellectually curious and hard-working. They both share a light-hearted sense of humor that keeps them constantly laughing with each other. As you’ll see, their smiles really glowed throughout the wedding, the reception, and as the day came to an end.

Wedding Nicki Metcalf Photography_0028.jpg

Wedding Nicki Metcalf Photography_0040.jpg

Wedding Nicki Metcalf Photography_0034.jpg

A day rich with tradition

The ceremony site was actually Erin’s family church, where her parents were married over 40 years ago! The reception site was The Commonwealth Club, a classic Richmond wedding venue setting that is equal parts formal and warm. Erin and Ashby ultimately wanted everything to have a classic feeling overall. Something that would last and not have a short-lived style to it.

They had this to share: “We made it personal by including some of our favorite things, like the oyster ornaments Erin painted with gold leaf because we love Christmas ornaments and oysters. Ashby is from the Northern Neck, and our first date was at Rappahannock where we collected the shells from!. We tied those around bags of Erin’s mother’s famous caramel popcorn and gave them out as our favors!

The wedding itself was close-knit because of Covid and the reception was designed to feel like an old fashioned fancy cocktail party. All resulting in a “classic and joyful” experience for the two and their friends and family.

richmond wedding venue

Wedding Nicki Metcalf Photography_0042.jpg

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The high notes

Erin described to me how much fun getting ready with everyone, the build up to the ceremony was and how happy the reception made her. And you can see in their photos how much fun they all were having. It was great! The best part being, “Saying our vows to each other during the ceremony – it felt really powerful!”

It goes without saying that every wedding is a happy occasion but this couple, this wedding might take the cake for having the most smiles of any wedding I’ve been to. Every photos is filled with so much joy and revelry.

richmond wedding venue

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richmond wedding venue

Your wedding day

Whether your own wedding plans are classic like Erin and Ashby’s or something more new and modern, I’d be happy to help make your wedding photos special. Photos you can look back on as having fully captured the uniqueness and significance of joining your life with another.  Have a look at my IG for another look at my portfolio. Or you can reach out to me here to get the conversation started.

richmond wedding venue
richmond wedding venue

richmond wedding venue

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Dress Designer : Rebecca Schoneveld

Dress :  Annalise Bridal

MUA : Stephanie Parker

Hair :  Avenue 42, Heather & Dianne

Florist :  Olivera Floral Design

Ceremony  :  Second Presbyterian Church

Reception : The Commonwealth Club

Entertainment : Adrian Duke Jazztet through Sam Hill Bands 

Cake :  Sugar and Salt

Bridesmaids Dresses : Bella Bridesmaids

Invitations : Paper on the Avenue

Officiant :  Reverend Doctor Alexander

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