Rainy Wedding Day in the Virginia Mountains

April 8, 2021

Rainy wedding photos


Seth and Rebecca couldn’t look better in these rainy wedding day photos. All in the green and majesty of Virginia’s mountains.

A match made in heaven

About their relationship, Rebecca had this to share: “Seth is the most optimistic and positive person with lots of love to share. I am adventurous and fun, but also a planner! We both love to travel and meet anyone new. We compliment each other so well and share so much laughter between us! Seth and I are both born-again Christians that lived selfishly for several years before committing our lives to Christ. Our relationship is one of redemption. We were once lost but both have found truth and love through Jesus.

When we met, we were living our lives devoted to our faith and to waiting for the right person the Lord had in store for each other. We met at church and Seth courted me! When does that happen anymore? After several months, he asked me respectfully to be his girlfriend and to move into a romantic relationship. After 10 months of officially dating, Seth proposed marriage.

Seth and I have honored our relationship and each other since day one and up to our wedding day. We cherish deeply what the Lord did between us because of that. We have never experienced a relationship like ours before. It has had Christ at the center and will continue to as long as we live.” She also added that the opportunity to experience love and marriage in the way they have, “is absolutely humbling and what we are sure is one of life’s most beautiful experiences.”

rainy wedding day

Wedding Nicki Metcalf Photography_0016.jpg

rainy wedding day

Don’t let it rain on your parade

The couple was expecting a pleasant summer day but was instead met with cooler temperatures and a fair amount of rain. “Our incredible friends and family rearranged our day to still allow us to have an outdoor ceremony and it felt flawless and blissful. We look back and almost forget it was raining! It was a day full of love, shared with people that mean the world to us. We couldn’t have done it without our friends. They made the day absolutely perfect for us.”

Despite not going entirely to plan, the wedding was beautiful and filled with wonder.

rainy wedding day

rainy wedding day

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The ceremony

With the extra greenery brought out by the rain and the out-of-the-way location, it made for an intimate and sacred space for the couple’s ceremony.

Rebecca’s favorite memory of the day being “The ceremony for sure but the time right after the ceremony while Nicki photographed us as a couple was so intimate and overwhelming. It was as time stood still and nothing else mattered. Being close and looking at each other for the first time as husband and wife. A moment to think back on our journey and where it had taken us so far. My son, Levi, was the one to walk me down the aisle and that was truly a vision I dreamed of for years. There were many tears!”


rainy wedding day photos

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At the close of day

“We had our dear friends from the Swahili service from our church, to sing for our ceremony. We also asked 6 of dearest friends to speak in their native language, a written statement by Seth and 3 scriptures from the Bible. It was so profound! We all kneeled as it rained and it blessed us beyond measure. We also opened it up for anyone that wanted to speak at the reception, having no idea so many dear friends would come up and bless us, including my son, Levi. My father, a professional cellist, played a piece of music I picked for me to walk down the aisle to. Seth’s mother also played her violin and Seth’s friend from Minnesota, Ben, played his guitar for processional music. That is such a gift for us.

We couldn’t have had our wedding without our absolutely amazing and selfless church and small group of best friends. I couldn’t have imagined anyone else to capture our most amazing day than Nicki. These photos are what we will look back on for the rest of our lives. Dearest friends Rebecca and Erin planned and orchestrated the whole day. Everyone went above and beyond for us. It was also bittersweet knowing we would be leaving our dear faith family and friends a few months after our wedding. We can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us next!”

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Capture the special moments of your special day

For any wedding, reception, or engagement photos (rain or shine), contact me to look into how we can make your wedding photos something for the ages. Or, for a look at more of my work, check out my Instagram.

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rainy wedding day photos

Wedding Nicki Metcalf Photography_0019.jpg

Venue: Brethren Woods Camp & Retreat Center, Keezletown Virginia

Bride & Groom: Seth and Rebecca

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Rainy wedding photos
Rainy wedding photos
Rainy wedding photos
Rainy wedding photos

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Rainy Wedding Day in the Virginia Mountains

Rainy Wedding Day in the Virginia Mountains

Rainy Wedding Day in the Virginia Mountains

Rainy Wedding Day in the Virginia Mountains

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