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Formal Engagement Photos with their Retriever | Erin & Ashby


I can’t get enough of these formal engagement photos with a dog and all!

Class is in session

Take a look at these University of Richmond engagement photos with Erin and Ashby. With movie good looks and modest attire, you can almost see the many happy years ahead for them. Ashby’s simply rocking that suit with his Greek-god curls. And Erin’s all too stunning in her timeless blush pink dress. All of that joined by that unforgettable staple of American life — their handsome Labrador Retriever, Harley. It’s a beautiful family. This one’s another workplace romance! Ashby was consulting on a laboratory Erin was working on the design for and after the project was over, they decided to go out to get to know each other outside of work!

An engaged couple embraces and smilesA couple kisses in front of the University of Richmond

Formal engagement photos with a dog — do it!

It’s not often that you see formal engagement photos with a dog. Most couples choose to wear casual outfits for their portraits with the pups, but I love the combination of these stunning outfits and their Labrador’s sweet face.

Defying the ages

I don’t know how a couple manages to look so modern yet also refined in a way that will defy the ages, but Erin and Ashby absolutely do. The way Erin takes in Ashby with her eyes just kills me. And you can tell how much he adores her right back. So much love, compassion and care is seeping out of these pictures. I’m so glad I could provide them with a way to look back on these moments and these feelings for years to come.

Erin shared with me that she is on the creative, caring and passionate side of things whereas, “Ashby is funny, intellectually curious, and hard-working. We both share a light-hearted sense of humor that keeps us constantly laughing with each other.” Due to Covid, their wedding was more intimate than originally planned but that ended up just fine. The reception was designed to be like an old fashioned fancy cocktail party. For Erin, the very best part of the day was, “Saying our vows to each other during the ceremony – it felt really powerful!”

A woman in a blush pink dress walks holding hands with a man in a suit with a retriever at their sideA woman in a blush pink dress holds hands with her fiance and smiles at the camera

University of Richmond Engagement Photos

University of Richmond Engagement Photos

Adorable. That’s it.

What a cute, delightful couple! Thanks Erin and Ashby for letting me be a part of these formal engagement photos with your sweet pup.

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Formal engagement photos at the University of Richmond

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