I'm a wife, an artist, and a lover of dogs, rock music, and abstract art. I'm a Virginia girl with equal love for California sun and New York grunge. 
I see the most beauty in imperfect things. Ripped jeans. Asymmetrical art. Vintage everything. And a photo with a little girt and grain. I love things that are rugged and little bit off the beaten path. 









Charlottesville Engagement Session | Alana & Travis


Alana and Travis’ engagement session in the mountains of Charlottesville was my most adventurous session to date and one for the books! I can honestly say we had no clue where we were going to shoot, we just knew we wanted mountains. We met up in Charlottesville and my sweet husband drove us around to random spots to soak in the scenery, WHICH WAS AMAZING. We walked, and walk just to find the perfect spot and we certainly did. We even watched the sunset together on top of a mountain. Well, we nailed it and I couldn’t be happier with the results!!
This sweet couple went to the same high school but didn’t actually meet until friends introduced them years later. Once the met, they were inseparable!!! It wasn’t intill a family vacation that Travis popped the question –
“The proposal was a little more fairytale like ha ha. We went on vacation with both of our families to Gatlinburg. One thing on our to-do like was to find a hike that had a waterfall (he had it all planned out). We went on the Laurel Fails hike with our families one morning and once we got to the waterfall we climbed to the bottom of the waterfall and he proposed. Our families were standing, looking down on us from the trail above and had a great view of it all taking place! The trail cut through the waterfall so some of it was below the trail and some of it was above it (kind of hard it explain). My younger brother, Jacob, had begged to climb down with us and I was trying to convince dad to let him go. But dad knew it was coming, Jacob didn’t. When we climbed back up after it happened Jacob said “I finally have the brother I always wanted!” I think Jacob was a little more surprised than myself”. – Alana
Charlottesville Virginia Engagement_0005.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Engagement_0016.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Engagement_0002.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Engagement_0017.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Engagement_0020.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Engagement_0006.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Engagement_0007.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Engagement_0013.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Engagement_0018.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Engagement_0019.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Engagement_0023.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Engagement_0009.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Engagement_0022.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Engagement_0021.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Engagement_0014.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Engagement_0024.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Engagement_0015.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Engagement_0010.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Engagement_0025.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Engagement_0026.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Engagement_0008.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Engagement_0011.jpg

  1. Amy Cherry says:

    Ahh!!! These are gorgeous!! Do you know where you ended up in Charlottesville? We are living here now!!

  2. Betty Martin says:

    beautiful pictures

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