DIY with Chalk Paint

May 12, 2015


Chalk Paint

This is a Do It Yourself tutorial on chalk paint. Find your ugliest piece of furniture and prepare to see it come to life but first let me tell you a quick story. I have always wanted to do this, ALWAYS. I never knew how and I WASN’T about to spend A BILLION dollars on chalk paint when I KNEW I could do this myself. I love me some deals so I was on Craigslist. Somehow I found this lady selling shabby chic furniture she had created so I looked her up on Facebook (stalker, I know). I contacted her and asked her if she would offer a class, or teach me how the heck to do this. I offered my photography skills as a trade. We met up at Starbucks and she was a real lady! HA! Super sweet, down to earth, and easy going. Just a piece of advice- if you are going to do this, make sure its done in public. Confirm that this is a real person, and let someone know where you are going (hubby knew the whole situation). Finally we set a time to meet up. I went to her house and we painted!!! We spent the whole afternoon, chatting, laughing and sharing stories. She told me to bring my two “ugly” pieces I had been talking about. Side note: When Dre and I got married I threatened to throw these suckers away but I saved them. I mean literally SAVED THEM and now they look like beautiful expensive pieces!!! So now I have a new friend (Melissa) and an understanding of how to make ugly pieces beautiful. Guys- its an addiction. Once you paint one piece its ALL OVER. You will want to buy everything you see! Also, the uglier the better.

1) Find ugly furniture

Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1140.jpg

2) Rough it up with some sandpaper
Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1141.jpg
Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1142.jpg

3) Take off the knobs & handles

Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1143.jpg

4) Spray paint those bad boys on top of cardboard
Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1144.jpg
Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1146.jpg
Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1145.jpg

Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1147.jpg

5) Mix up some calcium carbonate with water
Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1148.jpg
Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1149.jpg

6) Add the color of paint you want
Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1150.jpg
Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1151.jpg
Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1152.jpg

7) Paint 2 coats on your furniture with enough time to dry in between
Chalk Paint

8) Don’t forget the drawers
Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1154.jpg

9) Lightly go over areas with sandpaper to distress it then rub n a dab of Minwax Finishing Wax to soften the scuffs and take away what the sandpaper leaves behind
Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1155.jpg

10) Put your hardware back on
Chalk Paint

11) If  you want that old look add some brown paint and rub it in.
Nicki Metcalf Photography Richmond Wedding Photographer_1157.jpg

 . . .and BAM- beautiful chabby chic chalk painted pieces
Chalk Paint

Don’t want to spend the time on this project but still want a nice addition to your living room?
Contact Melissa & follow her on Facebook!!! This girl’s got skillz.

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