Moss Vineyards Wedding | Michael & Rachel

July 1, 2019


It was an absolute joy to be with Rachel and Michael on their wedding day at Moss Vineyards in Charlottesville, Virginia. The venue was picturesque, and Rachel couldn’t have been a more radiant bride. She truly was glowing in the light, and it was an honor to capture her special day. Rachel worked at Moss throughout college and when she toured venues not a single one spoke to her the way Moss Vineyards did. Therefore, there wasn’t a more beautiful or fitting venue for her to marry her soulmate.

How They Met

Rachel and Mike met volunteering at the Western Albemarle Rescue Squad in Crozet, Virginia. Michael is Rachel’s crew captain, and they’ve been working together for nearly 7 years. However, their relationship didn’t blossom until 3 years ago when they bonded over Rachel’s foster dogs whom they would eventually adopt. Even though their dogs couldn’t be there to celebrate their unity, Rachel and Michael made sure their fur babies were there in spirit. For instance, the couple partnered with Rock, Paper, Scissors to emboss images of their dogs on their wedding napkins.

There were special touches like this throughout the day that showcased their love and service to not only each other but to everyone important in their lives.  Michael is understanding, calm, and supportive. Rachel is enthusiastic about everything, and makes life constantly interesting. They motivate each other to be the best version of themselves. Michael pushed Rachel to chase her dreams of becoming a doctor, and she will be returning back to school this fall. They live a life dedicated to serving and saving others. It truly is a remarkable thing to witness.

The Wedding Day

The day was truly magical. The pastel color palette complemented the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains perfectly. Above all, Rachel’s fashion-forward wedding dress from Kleinfeld’s was jaw dropping while Michael looked dapper and classic in a black tux. Delectable and aromatic food was catered by The Catering Outfit, and old and new friends danced the night away to the Kendall Street Band. Love was in the air and it permeated throughout the venue.

Happily Ever After

The two newlyweds are off to The Azores. Rachel’s mother is from the Azores. It’s not a huge tourist destination, so it was a private and relaxing location for the newlyweds. Most importantly, they are big nature people and scuba divers, and the islands offer both! The perfect end to the start of a lifetime together. Cheers to the beautiful couple!! Xoxo.


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