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Shooting The Invitation Suite


It’s the wedding day and you are pumped!!! You arrive at the venue, grab your bride’s gorgeous invitation suite, and you are ready to take photos of these pretties. The bride walks away and you look down and just stare. In the heat of the moment your mind goes blank, “Uhhh, what do I do with these?” Well, have no fear, I have some awesome tips that will help you get the most beautiful shots!


Before you do ANYTHING it’s important to find the right lighting. My best advice would be to shoot the suite near a window to get natural light. Look around a make sure you turn off other lights so you have a clean, even light going over your suite.

Ashland Virginia Wedding, Invitation Suite, Nicki Metcalf Photo

Left To Right

When you read a book or text your eyes naturally go from left to right so it’s important to start styling that way. Most likely, the invitation itself is your most important piece so put that first. Then you can style the Save the Date, Details or anything else accordingly to the right.

Elevate the Invitation 

Since the invitation is the most important piece you’ll want to show it off a little more. A suttle way to do this is to elevate it. You can raise up the invitation by putting your cellphone  under it or anything close to that size. It will create a slight shadow that helps to differentiate it from the rest of the suite.

Seven Springs Farm, Virginia Wedding Invitation Suite Photo Nicki Metcalf Photography

Leading Lines 

If you have ever looked at a beautiful painting or picture the one thing that they all have in common are leading lines. These lines lead you to something important or help you navigate through the piece.  Its super important to have something that helps the eyes a long, which leads me into details!

Clifton Inn Wedding In Charlottesville Virginia Nick Metcalf Photography Invitation Suite Photo


Normally when you grab the invitation suite the bride hands you the rest of her details; The rings, shoes, bouquet and more. Use some of the details to add character & movement to the invitation suite; Nothing tops off an invitation suite like a piece of the greenery from her bouquet or an elegant ribbon!


I have found that the best aperture for invitations is 4.0. This allows for all of the the type to be clear and in focus. Now you can open wider if you are trying to simply focus on their names, or a detail.

The invitation suite shouldn’t be intimidating but it certainly can be! With these tips you should be able to grab the suite and knock it out!

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