I'm a wife, an artist, and a lover of dogs, rock music, and abstract art. I'm a Virginia girl with equal love for California sun and New York grunge. 
I see the most beauty in imperfect things. Ripped jeans. Asymmetrical art. Vintage everything. And a photo with a little girt and grain. I love things that are rugged and little bit off the beaten path. 









Stephanie + Chris | University of Richmond Engagement


Stephanie and Chris’ engagement session at the University or Richmond, Virginia was beyond fun, it was seriously a BLAST!! It was freezing cold, but MAN the snow was GORGEOUS, especially in the woods. How can you beat that!??

So this is an interesting story! I met Stephanie at church a LONG time ago. We sat together and I was thinking, “This girl is cool, we should hang out” but we unfortunately never did! Maybe a year or so later passes (actually I think more) and this girl is ENGAGED!! Engaged to Chris who is the cousin of a friend of my husband. Its a little confusing, but trust me, someone is related in this story, lol.

This was the first time I got to officially hang out with Stephanie and Chris and they are SO CUTE together. They were absolutely adorable, and the funnest couple ever. Their chemistry and love was contagious!!! If I asked them to jump off that bridge together just so I could snap a picture they would. They were THAT AWESOME! We ventured over the frozen lake and into the woods. I know they were freezing but didn’t act like it!! At the end they just played in the snow and nailed each other a couple times with snowballs. I couldn’t have asked for a better session then with these two!!!

Engagement at University Of Richmond
Engagement at University Of Richmond

Engagement at University Of Richmond



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