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The Essential Wedding Day Kit


Tips For Photographers The Wedding Day Essential Kit

You never know what is going to happen at a wedding so you should create an Essential Wedding Day Kit. This kit has helped the bride out numerous times and even saved me a few too! Today, I’ll show you the Part 1 of the kit that is geared towards the bride and next week will be Part 2: For Photographers.  We may be photographers but our job should go much further than just taking pictures. We need to serve the bride in anyway possible so that her day is stress free and full of joy. So what should you have in this kit? You guessed it. EVERYTHING.

Tips For Photographers Essential Wedding Day Kit For Brides

Tide Pen – For those pesky stains.

Safety Pins – You never know when something won’t fit properly.

Bobby Pins – Hair that just won’t stay up!

Tips For Photographers The Wedding Day Essential Kit

Aleve – Theres a lot of emotion on a wedding day and sometimes headaches happen, help a sista out.

Baby Powder- Lets be real- it gets super hot on a wedding day. We all sweat. This helps with skin irritation on those close knit spots!

Kleenex – Emotions are going crazy on wedding days.

Lint Roller – Everybody needs a little tidying up!

Static Guard – Got get rid of static!

Bug Spray – If a wedding is outside this is essential.

Sunblock – No need to a get sunburn on the wedding day.

Water Bottles – HYDRATE your bride! She has a long day ahead of her.

Hair Spray – For those fly – aways that just won’t stay down.

Tums – Emotions will totally upset a stomach.

Dry Shampoo – For the gal who didn’t have time to wash her hair. Admit it, we all do it sometimes 😉

Superglue – Things break and boy is this a quick fix!

Sewing Kit – You never know what is going to come undone!

Deodorant – Gotta smell fresh and clean!

Tips for Photographers, The Wedding Day Essential Kit For Brides

My kit is continuously growing ! A good friend reminded me to add these goodies too! Great idea!!

Nail Clippers / File – Nails break sometimes.

Hook – To quickly button her dress.

Clear Nail Polish – For those pantyhose tears.

Just remember, the bride is the star of the show! 🙂 You are not only there to do a job, but to love on this sweet woman in any way possible. Your kit will save the day and put a smile on her face!




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