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UNC Chapel Hill Engagement | Lindsay + Clay


UNC Chapel Hill Engagement

I was super excited to travel to Lindsay & Clay’s UNC Chapel Hill engagement! Now this is truly sad but I have never been to the inner part of North Carolina. I’ve been to the beaches down there a million times but never have I been to the cities. LET ME TELL YOU- I get the hype. There is something about this city that has a charm about it. It was absolutely gorgeous and I almost reconsidered my James Madison University experience for a Chapel Hill one but I really loved JMU!!
Once down there, we had dinner at this beautiful restaurant called Top Of The Hill. Clay recommended that I try the mushroom grit cakes (since I was further south) and I fell in love. I already loved grits but man, being further south and eating them is a whole different experience! After dinner Lindsay and Clay wanted to do their engagement session where they met – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill at Murphy Hall.

“Clay and I met in class at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  We were actually in the class together for several months before we met, but Clay sat in the back of the class and I sat in the front so our paths didn’t initially cross.  Eventually, we were assigned to work on a group project together and we immediately hit it off.  Shortly after we started working on the project, I went with some friends to a party at the Lambda Chi Alpha house, which turned out to be Clay’s fraternity.  We ran into each other at the party and have been inseparable ever since.” 
Walking with them around to their favorite spots was so sweet. Lindsay was overjoyed to be showing me where they would hang out and the places that meant the most to them. Fast forward to 8 years later and these cuties went on a hike last August to Wintergreen to celebrate Clay’s birthday (one of their favorite spots). Clay wanted to take Lindsay to a spot with an “incredible view”. Lindsay stepped onto the rocks to get a better look and when she turned around Clay was down on one knee. Beautiful scenery plus and engagement?? Thats a win!!! The rest is history and this sweet, southern couple will be tying the knot in July! Congrats, and thanks for sharing a little southern love with me!

Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0148.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0153.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0149.jpg
UNC Chapel Hill Engagement North Carolina
Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0151.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0152.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0165.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0169.jpg
UNC Chapel Hill Engagement North Carolina Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0170.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0160.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0166.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0155.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0157Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0159.jpgUNC Chapel Hill Engagement North Carolina Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0156.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0168.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0162.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0163.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0164.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0171.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0178.jpgCharlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0180.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0174.jpgUNC Chapel Hill Engagement North Carolina
Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0177.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0176.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0175.jpg
Charlottesville Virginia Lifestyle Engagment Session_0181

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