Park Engagement Photos Reminiscent of Scotland | John & Lexi

December 29, 2020


Engaged at a Scotland castle and now raising a puppy together — a beautiful warm day was the perfect time for their park engagement photos! They could bring their dog and reminisce with it being their one year engagement anniversary!

Engagement photo on a stony path in Virginia

They called it puppy love

John is an F22 pilot at Langley and Lexi is an audiologist (ear/hearing/balance doctor). They love to be outside and go on adventures together. Anything from hiking to camping, kayaking and more. Together, they’re raising their pup, Mabel who is 7 months old now! She joins them on all of their adventures.

Merging lives

Lexi moved from Austin, TX where she went to grad school. John came from Destin, FL where he was in training for the F22. Lexi shared, “We are loving Virginia and have been enjoying the fall season with lots of drives and walks through the changing colors.”

The two met in college at the University of Colorado Boulder: “My good friend from high school lived in John’s dorm. She introduced us and we were ended up as friends for about 2 years before we started dating. John had told Heather (our friend) that I seemed like the kind of girl someone would want to ‘wife up,’ (of course Heather told me this) and it all went from there!” From my short time with them, they work so well together and make a great team.

A Scotland castle proposal

Check out this breathtaking engagement story. My heart is in knots (in a good way)!

“We were in Scotland up in the Isle of Skye. We left our bed and breakfast very early in the morning to walk to a castle up on a hillside overlooking the water. It was pouring down rain, but John was determined to get me to this castle. Halfway there we had to go on the muddiest trail. I stopped and said I didn’t want to go anymore because I didn’t want to slip on the mud, and that we should come back later when the weather was supposed to be better. John coaxed me to keep going, helped me through the mud, and we made it to the castle.

I took a picture of him in front of it, but because it was on the side of a hill, it was even more exposed to the wind and rain. So, it was freezing cold. After the picture, I started fast walking back down to the beach, and John stopped to call me back. I kept trying to get him to come with me but ended up going back to the beach where he was standing. He then started telling me all of the reasons that he loved me and started to sound slightly rehearsed.

And that’s when I realized what was happening. It was hilarious, but romantic. He had wanted to do it that morning specifically because we were going to be driving all over the island that day and he wanted us to be able to take lots of pictures and celebrate.”

Reminiscing their engagement

This story is quite the memory! I’m sure they’re happy to have had such an eventful experience even if it didn’t go exactly as planned. With their engagement taking place outside the country, they reached out to me to schedule their Maymont Park engagement photos here in the states.

An engaged couple kisses on a stony park path

Engagement photos in the park

Lexi and John’s photoshoot was actually their one year engagement anniversary. Originally, their wedding was planned for May 23rd in California. But, like many weddings this year, it was postponed because of Covid. They didn’t have time to take engagement photos. Yet, with the postponement they were able to make the move to Virginia and find me.

What’s super cute is that they ended up getting their puppy on what was intended to be their original wedding date. As Lexi shared: “…the fact that we could capture her in her puppy-phase and have our engagement session all in one was very special. It felt like things worked out the way that they were supposed to. The wedding is now planned for June 4, 2021 and our fingers are crossed it works out. Mabel will be able to be in the wedding now, too!”

Engagement photo with a dog

A couple walks their dog in the park

A walk in the park

Have Lexi and John’s engagement photos left you wanting your own? Say hello here or see more work on Instagram!

Engagement photos with bright spring flowers

A couple smiles at the camera under beautiful stone columns

Black and white photo of a couple walking on a stone-walled path

Maymont Park Engagement Session Nicki Metcalf Photography_0028.jpg
Maymont Park Engagement Session Nicki Metcalf Photography_0000.jpgMaymont Park Engagement Session Nicki Metcalf Photography_0012.jpg
Maymont Park Engagement Session Nicki Metcalf Photography_0006.jpgMaymont Park Engagement Session Nicki Metcalf Photography_0023.jpg

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    Such a special couple. Enjoyed the retelling of their story.

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Park Engagement Photos Reminiscent of Scotland | John & Lexi

Park Engagement Photos Reminiscent of Scotland | John & Lexi

Park Engagement Photos Reminiscent of Scotland | John & Lexi

Park Engagement Photos Reminiscent of Scotland | John & Lexi

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